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Senior Seminar Reflection

As I reflect on my journey within the Communication Department at Berry, I am reminded of the twists and turns that have shaped my professional aspirations and refined my post-graduation plans. My initial dream of working for National Geographic marked the starting point of my exploration, but it was the diverse work experiences and courses offered by the department that guided me towards a path I am truly passionate about.

I began my journey with a position as STEM editor at Valkyrie magazine, excited to immerse myself in the world of journalism. However, as I delved deeper, I gradually realized that it wasn’t the right fit for me. The realization prompted me to join Viking Fusion as a news reporter. This shift opened new avenues for me and provided valuable insights into the dynamic realm of multimedia storytelling. Despite gaining valuable experience, I discovered that news didn’t align with my true passions. 

It was during my exploration of multimedia and graphic design courses that I uncovered my love for branding, a sentiment fostered by my previous work with Ardiendo Learning LLC. This realization prompted a concentration switch to Public Relations, a decision that would significantly shape my future endeavors.

Conversations with industry professionals, notably Josh Huggins, the president of Whiteboard, further solidified my desire to work specifically in an agency setting, specifically focusing on branding and marketing. My experiences at Berry Center for Integrity in Leadership (BCIL) played a pivotal role in reinforcing my inclination. Being a part of a larger creative team appealed to me more than being a solo creative mind on a project, prompting my preference for agency work over in-house positions.

However, a turning point in my journey occurred during my digital storytelling internship at Second Harvest Food Bank. This experience reignited my passion for storytelling within a marketing context. I found joy in authentically narrating the stories of both a brand and its community. This fusion of authentic storytelling and creative content creation became my “happy place,” where I felt a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

As I approach graduation, I am confident in my decision to pursue a career in branding and marketing within an agency setting. My experiences at Berry College have equipped me with the skills, knowledge, and a robust portfolio that reflect my journey of self-discovery. The diverse courses, internships, and interactions with professionals have played a crucial role in shaping my career path.

In conclusion, my time within the Communication Department at Berry College has been transformative. From the initial pursuit of journalism to the ultimate realization of my passion for branding and marketing, the journey has been both challenging and rewarding. Countless mentors have enriched my journey, offering insights and perspectives that have been instrumental in my growth. These collaborative relationships have imparted wisdom and real-world insights that I believe will uniquely prepare me for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the workforce beyond college. I now stand poised and confident, ready to embark on the next chapter of my professional life, armed with a deep understanding of my strengths, interests, and the invaluable experiences that Berry College has provided. As I stand on the threshold of graduation, I carry with me not just a degree but a profound sense of gratitude for the community that has nurtured and prepared me.

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