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“Bryce is a hardworking, compassionate storyteller! We’re so grateful for her words as she gave a voice to our neighbors facing hunger. Bryce is eager to learn and ready to help whenever and wherever she’s needed. Her can-do attitude was an incredible asset during her internship.”

Lacey Littman

Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager & Photographer

Second Harvest Food Bank

By Lindsey MacDiarmid, Katelynn Singleton, Anna Rich, Kinley Veal, Zoe Wooten, Mary Claire Stockebrand, Bryce Robinson and Alejandra Torres, COM 250 Reporters
Edit by Madi Rowe and Dealo Parson, COM 303 Editors
By Louis Durand, Viking Fusion Reporter, Bryce Robinson, Viking Fusion Reporter, Roger Thomas, Viking Fusion Videographer and Gail Sanders, Viking Fusion Videographer
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